TfmPk was originally implemented around 1995 using Tcl/Tk. I started it for the fun of using Linux at home and an exercise to learn C++ and Tcl/Tk. This was true for versions before 0.70.

Version 0.70 is almost a complete rewrite of the code. I am now much less embarrassed with my C++ code. The Tcl/Tk code now is finally bug free since there is no such code. All of the user interface and graphical parts are now implemented with the Python llanguage with Gtk+ and some Gnome GUI widgets. Yes, I used this rewrite to learn Python and Gtk/Gnome via the pygtk and pygnome bindings.

Among my many failures, I did not keep a log file of changes before 0.70.


Yotam Medini December 14, 2001