Throughout tfmpk's life I got some feedback. Bug reports and many good suggestions. I did not keep an organized filing of these and thus many contributions may not get the credit they deserve.

Much of the initial recommendations and encouragements came from Nelson Beebe (

Other important reports came from Allin Cottrell (

Python's indentation semantics still leaves me with mixed feelings. Still I am grateful to Moshe Zadka ( whom I heard giving a wonderful Python introduction talk and Eric S. Raymonds ( Both convinced me to give Python a try. (But, I still like C++ and despise the NRA).

James Henstridge ( helped me with imortant tips for interfacing pygnome's GnomeCanvas widget in C/C++.

And I must thank my family, for letting me ignore them every once in awhile.

Yotam Medini December 14, 2001